Las Vegas, NV, USA: Sunrise Coffee House

We’re back in Sin City!

As you know, I am the biggest fan of Mothership. That love is deep. That love is also very closely connected to Sunrise Coffee House.

Why? Well, they’re owned by the same people!

Yes, down the street from Mothership, is actually the mother (brilliant word choice I know).

Now, is it a duplicate? No. Each coffee establishment—here, connected, or otherwise–always has its own standouts, its own merits, its own vibes.

LRG_DSC00560 (3).JPG

What differentiates Sunrise?

First, Sunrise has a drive-thru, so if you’re in a rush, you don’t need to get out of your car.

Secondly, it’s bigger. It has ample space on the inside and the most wonderful outdoor seating area. It is one of my favorite places to sit on a sunny day–and there’s lots of those in Vegas. The inside, due to spacing, has more options for seating as well. There are tall tables for standing or high-sitting. There are normal tables. There are a couple of couches, and even a little nook right when you walk in.

I appreciate the varied seating, sometimes you need to put your feet up and sometimes you need to stand. Sometimes you want to sit indoors, sometimes you want to go outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Sunrise has it all.


The size of Sunrise allows for more plug options. In fact, they have set up a few powerstrips to make it even more work/ device friendly. It’s a simple touch that makes for a more conducive work visit.

In addition to these added features, like Mothership, they have outstanding pastries–because Mothership makes them! I don’t need to tell you how much I love their baking. Just remember, it’s the best. And, everything is made fresh daily so come early, once it’s gone, it’s gone for the day.

LRG_DSC00166 (3)

On top of pastry options, Sunrise serves actual food. It’s not a restaurant, but the menu has a few basic breakfast and lunch items.

Not only has everything I’ve tried been delicious–simple things like a bagel to more complicated items like the hot mess bowl–but there are vegan and gluten-free options. Healthy and delicious: that’s a winning combination.


And the coffee? Well, it’s exceptional. My favorite is a hot Hazelnut Latte, and since I have the option of a large, it’s always large. It’s the best Hazelnut Latte I have ever tried–anywhere. I’ve also had their Nutella Latte, Butterbeer Latte, and Vanilla Latte. Everything is tasty. However, the most ridiculously important find: iced coffee.

When I order an iced Hazelnut anywhere else, I’m not a fan. Unless it’s just regular iced coffee, flavors seem to ruin my drink. And, to be honest, iced coffee was just okay.

I used to think that I didn’t really care for iced coffee, and certainly didn’t like it in flavors, which is incredibly unfortunate when it’s 115 degrees outside–for four months. I could drink it, but it wasn’t anything I ever craved or devoured. Then, a friend met me at Sunrise and ordered one. They encouraged me to try it, they said it was great, and to just trust them.

Curiosity peaked. I had faith. I took the plunge.

Sunrise Coffee House makes the best iced coffee I have ever tasted–specifically, the best iced Hazelnut on the planet. I have never come across an iced coffee I could chug, drool over, crave . . . until Sunrise. All of their drinks are great, everything I have had has been delightful, but the greatest find for me: an utterly outstanding iced coffee.

LRG_DSC00530 (2)

Sunrise is a great coffee shop. It is top-notch. It’s in Las Vegas, it’s family-owned, by a Las Vegas native. It has a large drink menu full of delicious options, appetizing food options, a gorgeous outdoor seating area, plenty of plugs, varied seating for whatever your mood, mouth-watering pastries . . . and plenty of parking. And if it that’s not enough to convince you, then read this: The Best Places for Coffee in Every State–that’s right, in Nevada, it’s Sunrise.

. . . Time for some Hazelnut coffee y’all . . .

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