How shall I drink my coffee?

I came across this article and question: Would You Drink Coffee Out of an Ice Cream Cone?

First of all, why is this a question? Coffee = amazing. Ice cream cone = amazing.

Therefore: coffee IN ice cream cone = DOUBLY amazing. Logical–truly the only conclusion.

But if you need more. Then I ask: why not? If a new way to enjoy coffee, a new added feature, a new way to make it, or a new way to bring out flavor is possible, it is actually required to partake–in my world at least.

So, would I drink coffee out of an ice cream cone? Yes. Of course!

What about you?


Caffeinated Idea

I recently had quite of bit of dental work — five teeth were involved and three sick days.

In this time, as I texted and tweeted, I realized there was no toothache emoji.

Therefore, my caffeinated idea: an emoji that has a toothache–swollen cheek, sad face, maybe a tear.

Someone get on this.


Minneapolis, MN: Prelude

I recently made an unexpected, daring, trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I had heard things over the years about Minnesota and Minneapolis in particular. For me, it was a place I wanted to see, but not at the top of my list. It was a place that I would avoid at all costs during the winter–me and cold are not a good mix. It seemed nice, but just not exceptionally enticing.

Then life gave me a reason, a desire, and a sense of adventure. I bought a ticket with little planning–very unlike me–and I went for it. I took a chance.

I admit I went for romance. I went to see more of a person and maybe a little less of the city.

Life is kinda funny in this way. I didn’t get romance but I did renew my love of coffee. I ending up see less of the person and more of the city.

I discovered more than just coffee, I discovered a genuine love and appreciation for a city–a city I can’t wait to go back and visit!

And that’s how life goes sometimes. You make a decision thinking it’s all about one thing and end up with something better, something you hadn’t intended for yourself. You thought you would get ABC and it turns out the universe sent you for XYZ.

Over a long weekend, I spent one day realizing my situation needed to change. So, I changed it. Then, as a reward, I got two and a half days to do what I do best: finding art, being a tourist, walking around town, enjoying the unknown, and, of course, finding great coffee.

Stay tuned my friends! Minnesota isn’t just home to 10,000 lakes, Prince, and Target–it’s also home to great coffee!


Coffee Vocabulary Lesson #6


  • Italian word used to describe both male and female workers that serve drinks, typically non-alcoholic drinks
  • a person that works in a coffeehouse and serves espresso-based coffee drinks
  • a person that makes, and serves, coffee and coffee drinks

Caffeinated Idea

I love dipping chocolate chip cookies in coffee.

I hate when those same cookies break and fall into my coffee. My coffee still tastes great, maybe a bit better with coffee bits, but just a thought:

What if my cookies were injected with coffee?

Picture it: a shot of coffee in your cookie!

I feel like this is a pretty nifty idea. I just don’t know how to make it happen . . .

Las Vegas, NV: Bad Owl

I am a Hufflepuff. I thought for sure I was a Ravenclaw. Alas, out of four tests, three times I was deemed a Hufflepuff–one test did say Ravenclaw though! I may have changed a few responses on purpose, but I still think it counts. 😉

Anyway, I have accepted my status, and even embraced my designation–it is an inclusive house. I am incredibly loyal, I am a hard worker, and I do love yellow.

I am a Hufflepuff.

If this introduction made all kinds of sense to you, if you’ve read all the books, if you can name all the Weasleys, and if you know why July 31st is a sacred day–then you might just find yourself in love with Bad Owl.


Bad Owl is a Harry Potter themed coffee shop in southern Nevada. At the time of my writing only one location was open. I say this because as I type another location is in the works.

Bad Owl is a beautiful coffee shop with lots to offer for the Potterhead and the coffee connoisseur alike.

The decor is on-point. It’s simple, not overdone, and clever. The first 10 or so visits I kept noticing a detail I had missed in my previous visits. Potter fans will instantly notice the subtle and brilliant references.

In terms of the layout, the location I have visited in Henderson, NV has a few cushioned chairs and a small outdoor seating area. Additionally, there is one nice picnic-like table, some high seating, and some smaller tables with regular seating. The small tables are my favorite as they have Harry Potter inspired quotes on them.

I appreciate the varied seating. I can read on the cushioned seats, stand at the tall tables, sit outside, or spread out on the picnic table.

The amount of plugs is fairly decent. Wifi is free and works well. It is usually relatively quiet; I have been on weekends and weekdays, early morning and late at night, and have always found it to be an exceptional place to work or read while I drink my coffee. Although, I must say I know its popularity is growing as recently I have encountered increasingly larger crowds and some waiting. This fact warms my heart though–more people are discovering this place and now it’s time you do too!

Let’s begin with the all important factor: the coffee.

They use coffee from a local micro-roaster, Colorado River Coffee Roasters–a local and family-owned roastery. The coffee and non-caffeinated specialty drinks are superb.

For some time I was obsessed with their Pistachio Latte; my favorite styling is actually with no espresso, iced, and with whipped cream.

The Butterbrew Latte is seriously the greatest concoction in life. With this drink, if you need caffeine, you do have to add the espresso, as this drink does not automatically come with it. For this drink, I prefer hot and butterbrew whipped cream on top. 🤤

LRG_DSC01541 (3)

When have I had their coffee? How can I call myself a coffee reviewer and writer? Well, I tried their Almond Latte. It was good–it has actual almond bits in it too, which was super different and unexpected.

I have had their Nutella Latte and I have to say, so far, in all my coffee adventures, it was hands-down the best Nutella Latte I have ever had. It was rich, strong, and smooth. I have a sweet tooth; I have been told it’s too sweet for some, but for me and my sensibilities, it’s perfection.

LRG_DSC01508 (2)

And, finally, drum roll please, I have had their ultimate caffeinated creation: the Hippogryph.


This is meant for the serious drinker, as an early morning adventure, or something to be shared–in my opinion. I have only done it once, and it was early in the day, and I was by myself. It was a good day to stay hyped and caffeinated–and I hate sharing. So, I took the plunge.

It packs a caffeinated punch! Be wary if you are not a regular coffee drinker. This is a lot of caffeine.

The flavors were all strong, but not overpowering. I was the biggest fan of Unicorn Blood, which keeps you alive in the Harry Potter world but also curses you. As a cursed living lady I’m here to say if you can only visit once this is the experience. If you wanna play it safe, share and give someone else the Unicorn Blood, let them be cursed. 😉

Now, as though all of this weren’t enough, the food is literally too delicious. The waffles are beautiful and fluffy. They come with the most insanely fresh butter and whipped cream. The Avocado Everything toast tastes exactly like an everything bagel. It is beautiful to the eye, filling to the stomach, and delightful to the palette. The BLT is the best BLT I have ever encountered in my life. It is light, well-portioned, and the Japanese mayo is the ultimate flavor elevator.

It astounds me how much this place has to offer and how much it succeeds in each category.

Bad Owl could have fallen flat easily. It could have taken a theme and just leaned on the theme alone, but it didn’t! It exceeds every expectation and reality–it is truly magical. The coffee, the atmosphere, the food, and the staff make the whole experience –did I mention that in all my visits I have always been greeted and served with pure joy?

If you go anywhere next time you’re in town, go to Bad Owl. Whether you’re a Potterhead, a foodie, or a coffee lover, Bad Owl has you covered. Oh, and if you also like adult beverages, they have those too–and a Happy Hour.

What are you waiting for?


Get to Bad Owl now!


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