Hawaiian Life

Over the past year and a half writing Cups and Comments I have learned that it is best to sit down write a bunch for the future, edit in another session, and then relax as your weeks worth of posts are delivered. I was prepared for some time and thought it would be easy to follow this pattern as I stayed in Hawaii.

Well, I have to admit, I must confess: Hawaiian living is just too good. I am thoroughly behind and distracted here, but with a view and atmosphere like this can you blame me?


I’m doing my best to get back into my groove, but every time I sit down to this I just want to look up and soak it all in . . . writing, researching, pretty much anything other than sipping my coffee as I enjoy the sounds, smells, and sun here is really beyond my reach.

I promise, I will buckle–eventually šŸ˜‰

Coffee Lesson #19


  • coffee drink, Italian in origin
    • coffee that is often thicker than coffee brewed using other methods of preparation
  • concentrated thick coffee with a layer of dense foam
  • coffee prepared by forcing nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans
  • strong black coffee
    • strong black coffee made by forcing steam through finely ground coffee beans
Espresso from Caffe Greco in Rome, Lazio, Italy

Coffee Lesson #18


  • part of the coffee production process; optional step in coffee production
  • removal of the parchment skin of coffee beans
  • removal of what is left from the fruit of the coffee bean

Coffee Lesson #17

iced coffee:

  • a type of cold beverage made from coffee
  • chilled coffee; not the same as cold brew, not equivalent to or to be confused with cold brew coffee
  • hot coffee made through traditional brewing methods that is cooled down to be served over ice
    • iced coffee, tasty and correct iced coffee, is prepared to be iced coffee, it is not day-old coffee that is then served over ice
    • iced coffee is generally brewed at a higher strength because the ice dilutes the strength when served
  • chilled coffee served over iced, often flavored


Hawaiian Prelude

I have been given the opportunity to stay in Hawaii for 5 weeks. I will be in Kona, tanning, hiking, enjoying the sounds and sights of island life–and of course scouting out some great coffee.

I have always enjoyed Hawaiian coffee and coffee shops, Kona coffee is among my favorites. I cannot wait to enjoy it, in its home. Wish me the best of luck–and get ready for some Hawaiian recommendations!

My home, my view, for 5 weeks in Kona šŸ˜

What is coffee?

Okay we’re entering double-digit responses on this one . . . by now I’m sure you’re well aware of my desire to answer this question from multiple angles.

So, “What is coffee?”

Well, *supposedly*, from a variety of conversations, articles, news stories, etc.

Coffee is . . .

  • an aphrodisiac (saucy!)
  • addictive (well, did you see the first point?)
  • a diuretic (that might be a problem . . .)
  • stimulating your bowels (well, this is a problem, and how can it do that and be an aphrodisiac? šŸ¤”)
  • a carcinogenic ( . . . and this is what happens with the internet, I went from being sexy to dying)

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