Vicenza, Veneto, Italy: Caffé Roma

Vicenza is a city in the north of Italy. Look at a map of Italy, find Verona, find Venice–Vicenza is in between these two famous cities.

I was repeatedly encouraged to visit Vicenza. I was unsure about my visit, and purpose, I had two significant locales on either side of the city that were calling my name. Luckily, I took the local recommendation.

Vicenza is a cute city. It has less international name recognition, but it’s definitely worth a visit. There’s plenty to see, and a lot less crowds, which makes for a wonderful experience.

Vicenza is known for its beautiful buildings–Palladio, a famous Italian architect, dominates the city. I visited several times; I saw only a fraction of what was possible–there are a few shopping areas, a number of churches, museums, gorgeous buildings, and some truly beautiful parks.

With so much to see, a coffee break will be in order. While I’m sure that any coffee place in an Italian city provides good coffee, I have my heart set on Caffé Roma.


I discovered Caffé Roma through two new American friends I met on my travels–Vicenza is home to an American base, their partners were stationed at this base, so they were exceptionally familiar with the area, and I let them be my tour guides one visit. They are the ones that took me here, and I will forever be grateful.

Caffé Roma has a small outdoor seating area, in that area they included blankets which I really appreciated as I visited during winter. I enjoyed my coffee outside and stayed warm with beautiful, thick, soft blankets. The indoor seating had a few tables and the most adorable coat hangars at the bar. There is a giant mirror located next to the bar itself where I wrote alongside others from all over the world. Finally, the customer service was superb; the people were patient, kind, and friendly.


All of this was on top of the fact that they had great coffee, and some superb brioche. In fact, my friends took me here specifically for the brioche–they said it was the best they had tasted in all of their travels. I have to agree, it was pretty spectacular.


So, if you’re ever in Vicenza, visiting this architectural and Italian gem, make a stop at Caffé Roma–get cozy with some blankets, coffee, and brioche, it’ll be just the break and treat you needed.

What is coffee?

My seventh attempt to answer “What is coffee?”

Coffee is . . . cheaper than . . .

  • therapy
  • prozac
  • crack
  • bail money

**credit: memes/mugs

Coffee is . . . cheaper than . . .

  • wine
  • cocktails
  • gym memberships

**credit: me . . . and a whole lot of other people I imagine! 😉


Coffee Gallery

My last day in Paris, I was at CDG airport, and I was lucky to find the fève; as a result, I was treated to an added pastry with my coffee. It felt like the ultimate end to a glorious 3-months of travel, and of course a perfect ending in my favorite city in all my travels:


CDG coffee
The fève and my added pastry–a pastry fit for a Queen

Coffee Gallery

It’s fun to find new things when you’re traveling/abroad, other times it’s fun to see things that you recognize, things that you know, but are just a tad bit different.

Like the following:

French Starbucks
Paris, France

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