Coffee Gallery 🇧🇷

When the coffee comes with a little treat . . . YYYyyyeesss!

Pictured: 3 different coffees in 3 different places and spaces in Belém, Pará, Brazil–coffee served with a spoonful of doce de leite, whoppers (essentially), a wafer stick dipped in chocolate

What is coffee?

In Brazil 🇧🇷, coffee is . . .

  • all day
  • a-must
  • everywhere
  • hot
  • tasty
  • standard
  • world–renowned

. . . living in Brazil has given renewed and greater love for this drink . . .

Coffee Lesson #27


  • a manual, pour-over style, coffeemaker
    • pour-over style: water is poured over a bed of coffee, this water passes through the coffee that is usually resting on some sort of filter
  • a manual, pour-over style, coffeemaker that utilizes a glass filter
  • a coffeemaker that, due to its style of coffee-making, generally takes more time than other methods to brew coffee
Photo by Rizky Subagja on Unsplash

Brazil! 🇧🇷

In February 2023, I moved to Brazil! 🇧🇷

I have been on a one month journey–so far–finding, ordering, tasting, Brazilian coffee; I have quickly fallen in love though I am still exploring and learning all about Brazil, and Brazilian coffee.

Although I am still learning, and still figuring out recommendations, I thought: Why not give a preview/introduction now?

So, here’s a coffee gallery of my first couple of months in Brazil 🤩:

Best of the Best: State Edition

In 2016 Huffington Post published: The Best Places For Coffee In Every State . . . and Washington D.C.

I found this article as I was starting my coffee journey in 2018. At the time I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada and I was absolutely thrilled to know my home state’s best coffee house (Sunrise Coffee) was actually one of my favorite places! For nearly 10 years, I had been patronizing the best of the best in Nevada. Every time I go back to Vegas I make a stop still — I miss it terribly, and I miss its companion locale Mothership just as much!

Now, I left Las Vegas and went on a variety of travel adventures after my departure.

During my travel adventures, I was blessed and lucky enough to go on two separate road trips through the US 🇺🇸. One traveling east and north, another traveling south and west. At some point during my travels I looked at every state I would travel through, the cities and routes available, and decided I should try and see if I can get to the best coffee in other states!

I traversed 13 states in some fashion and in some way during my two road trips. The thing is: the west and midwestern states are pretty large. So, I didn’t get close to 13 coffee shops, but I did see a few and I have to say it has inspired me further.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota–on two separate occasions, a year or so apart, I went to Peace Coffee. The ambiance was incredible. The coffee was strong and aromatic. Their peanut butter cookies were a perfect companion to my coffee.

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I visited Elemental Coffee Roasters — and I loved it so much I got some coffee for later! It was in a great location in the city, it had a wonderful layout, and it had just plain good coffee.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico I made a quick stop at one of the several locations of Satellite Coffee. I happen to patron the one next to the university; I loved the ambiance and wanted to stay but I had lots to see and only a bit of time–though I must say my coffee gave me all the joy and energy I needed for my adventures.

So I got to 3 out of 13 states I visited/drove through — technically 4 since I went through Nevada and went back to Sunrise. Still though, not a passing grade.

But sometimes the grade isn’t the end all be all!

I had a great time; I had something specific and different to do when I was driving and traveling, unlike most other to-do lists, and I enjoyed so much I hope to keep going. Travel and have the best coffee in the good ol’ USA 🇺🇸, what could be better? 😉🤗

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