Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: LUNE

The great thing about going to the capital of great coffee is knowing that your options may be limitless. I only had two full days in Melbourne, one day to truly explore, and I was jittery each of those days, with excitement and caffeine.

The best thing about this coffee capital was insider knowledge. With only two days, I had done some research, but there’s nothing like a real-world trusted spokesperson.

One of my best friends has been living in Melbourne for nearly two years, so I had a personal guide from one place to another that was *the best*, or I *had to try*, or *this one needs to make it to your blog*!

While I definitely enjoyed the guided tour of every caffeinated delight, one is seared into my memory: Lune Croissanterie.

Lune Croissanterie has been featured as having the best croissants in the world. Not just Australia, the world.


A neat display greets you at the counter, so you can make the most informed decision. This great display is also needed as options may vary, which is all the more reason for many visits!


I went to the Lune in Fitzroy; there are currently two locations. This location, this space, is quite open, lots of room to stand, and apparently wait–the lines are usually long, though I had no wait. (If you’re wondering, I went on a Monday morning).

In the center, there are glass, windows, to watch these culinary masters make magic. You can see the entire process; it’s exquisite.


My friend and I shared three croissants–each of them was perfection, and our choices made for a balanced meal. The almond croissant was sweet. The ham and gruyere was savory. The lemon was tart, but not overpowering; the sugar on top helped!


Now, this is not a croissant blog, but let me emphasize that a place known for having the best croissants in the world is not going to let their caffeinated companions languish.


With food and drink, the individual parts have to shine on their own in order to make the pairing an augmented experience. My friend and I had lattes, each of us with our choice of milk. Our coffees added to the experience, the coffee was better because of the croissant, the croissants were better because of the coffee.

Lune has a well-deserved reputation. I am still searching for the right words to convey what it provides its patrons, but I don’t think I have them.

So, I leave it to you: get to Melbourne, and get to Lune–and buy every croissant, and enough coffee to go with it 🥐☕

Best Coffee: World Edition

Now that I have a clear idea and understanding of the best cities in the US for coffee, let’s talk about the world.

First guesses:

  • Somewhere in the Middle East?–Turkey?
  • Somewhere in Europe–Italy? Austria?
  • Somewhere in the Americas–USA? Costa Rica? Colombia?
  • Somewhere in Africa–Ethiopia?
  • Somewhere in Asia–Vietnam? Japan?

What did I miss? Australasia/Oceania. And this is where I completely missed the mark . . .

As I started the Australian leg of my travels, I was duly informed that Melbourne is considered to have some of the best coffee in the world. In fact, it has been ranked as having the best coffee in the world *repeatedly*.

From 2014 to the present, I have researched and found that Melbourne is where it’s at!

So, if you want a great trip, a great caffeinated trip, I suggest a trip down under!

Coffee Humor

“Just so we’re clear, the only acceptable reason for you to touch my cup of coffee is to refill it.”

–Nanea Hoffman



Thank you!


March 30, 2019: Quote of the Day

“Among the numerous luxuries of the table . . . coffee may be considered as one of the most valuable. It excites cheerfulness without intoxication; and the pleasing flow of spirits which it occasions . . . is never followed by sadness, languor or debility.” 

–Benjamin Franklin

Coffee Lesson #14


  • Italian word for “drowned”
  • coffee-based drink/dessert
    • whether it is listed as a drink or dessert depends on where you are located in the world/where you are ordering
  • scoop of ice cream, usually vanilla ice cream, topped with a shot of espresso
    • variations of coffee and ice cream, flavors and how much, exist throughout the the world
    • liqueur can be added/included as well
Affogato in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia


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