Who’s sitting with me right now?

Coffee shops are more than coffee.

Coffee shops are avenues for personal development, relationship building, professional growth, educational pursuit, personal wellness, healthy living, neighborhood growth, and so much more.

Lately, I have chosen to look up from my screen, my comic book, and/or my journal. I have decided to listen, observe, and imagine what surrounds me. I wrote down what I saw on two separate occasions, and thought of all that I have seen in my experiences here, at this particular local favorite (Sunrise–if you’re interested):

  • a gamer
  • a student
  • a teacher
  • a couple on their first date
  • a couple on their 1000th date
  • someone waiting for a date
  • a group of friends
  • a writer
  • a blogger
  • an entrepreneur
  • a reader or bookworm–yes, with actual books

Coffee provides stimulation.

The coffee shop is a stimulating place.

If we just look up, if we take a moment to enjoy our surroundings we can all appreciate the amount of talent, potential, and love that comes alive in these very special spaces.

Go ahead, take a moment, and imagine the story behind the patrons around you.

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