How It Started

I know how to make coffee. In a Keurig. And with my coffee maker.

I’m not a coffee connoisseur. I like fresh coffee provided on a coffee farm tour in Costa Rica. But I also like coffee from Starbucks and coffee from 7-11.

I like some coffee more than others, but I also know I just like to drink coffee.

My obsession with coffee began as a new teacher. I needed caffeine to keep up with my kindergarteners. In my teaching career, I have visited every coffee-providing chain establishment in the vicinity of whatever school I worked.

I liked coffee. Now, my obsession with coffee shops, and my true love of coffee, began this past year.

Cups and Comments is equal parts passionate writing and coffee appreciation. I could write about anything, but Cups and Comments came into fruition due to two experiences, two experiences now formally designated as Phase I and Phase II.


Phase I: There’s something profoundly painful about an unraveling romantic relationship, especially when you imagined ‘happily ever after.’

In 2017 I saw my romantic life fall apart. As I tried to survive, I found the best coping mechanisms were sitting at two local coffee shops. When I needed space and reflection, when I needed just one moment of peace, when I wanted to brace myself for my empty home, the local coffee shop provided beautiful aromas, smiles, and ambience to ease my soul. I found comfort in something beyond my caffeinated beverage. There was something beyond helping me cope with sleepless nights.

I realized that coffee shops were special places of peace and positivity. In this way, Cups and Comments focuses not just on coffee but the atmosphere, environment, and beauty of the local coffee shop.

Phase II: When my relationship ended, I decided that every weekend for the next two months I would travel. It was my way of reviving my soul and maybe catching up on what I thought I had missed in the past year.

One travel destination I picked was Salt Lake City–I love history and I love religion, one of my majors in undergrad was actually religious studies. My former partner was an atheist and always demeaned faith and the faithful so a trip to a highly religious location was never on the table, not for the two of us at least.

I went to SLC and LOVED it. Everything was clean, and everything I wanted to do (Temple Square and Mormon history) was free. After three days, this very patient, eager to learn, well-read individual you are hearing in your head right now, was going bat-S*&^ crazy. I just wanted to go through a museum alone and read! If I had one more person ask me if I had heard about the Book of Mormon I was gonna crack (and honestly, I’m in SLC in front of the Mormon Temple, what kind of question is that?!).

So, as a headache approached, I decided to get some coffee. I looked up 10 Best Coffee Shops in SLC and drove off–as I drove my happiest scale reached higher levels as I realized Mormons don’t drink coffee! Yes. Space.

The coffee was outstanding, who knew SLC had such good coffee? I visited two locations during my trip, and on my final day I created a new travel goal: wherever I went, I would look up the best local coffee shop and partake.

And so, when I travel, expect a new post!


Coffee shops serve a lot more than coffee.

Now, coffee and coffee shops represent more than a caffeinated beverage to help keep up with kiddos.

Now, coffee and coffee shops are my inspired guides into the world. They comforted me as I thought I was falling apart and I am returning my thanks by making sure I taste and share my experiences so everyone can enjoy their power.

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