Attica, Athens, Greece

Between November 2021 – April 2022 I visited Athens, Greece 🇬🇷 three times, for a total of 62 days.

I went in November, sort of on a whim, begrudgingly, a sort of layover between jobs. It wasn’t my first choice to travel just then, and it wasn’t my first choice to go to Greece either. In fact, I had never really had any desire to travel to Greece . . . but I went . . . and I absolutely LOVED it!

The job fell through, and so did a couple of other applications, but I had a seasonal remote contract with something else, so I kept returning to see more, enjoy more, do more. I fell in love with everything — the language, the people, the museums, the sites, the greenery, the coffee!

I have to go back, and see more of Athens, and venture beyond it as there’s a whole lot more to the country to see, but before I do, before I recommend some coffee and share about this amazing adventure, allow me to share some pictures 🤗.

Here’s a preview, a taste, a sneak peak into Greece, and some Greek coffee ☕

November 2021:

December 2021-January 2022

March 2022-April 2022

Coffee Lesson #24

Turkish coffee:

  • a particular way to brew, serve, prepare coffee originating in the former Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey/Türkiye)
    • coffee is prepared in a cezve using very finely ground coffee beans without filtering
      • cezve (“briki” in Greek): a small pot with a long handle, traditionally made of copper or brass
  • coffee brewed with very finely ground coffee beans
    • when served, do not drink the entirety of the serving–in this preparation coffee grounds are not removed from the coffee when served
      • the grounds left in the cup after drinking are sometimes used to tell fortunes
  • coffee preparation style that can be found throughout the world, though it has particular prominence in Turkey/Türkiye, Greece, Armenia, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans

Turkish coffee – Etiler, Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey

Back-to-School – 2022

I took a sort of summer break, and then got sick . . . but all better now!

Now, I’m not teaching this year, not on a traditional calendar or in a school like previous years, but I still follow that school calendar. Old habits, what can I say?

So with that back-to-school feeling and vibe all around me, allow me to offer a special shout out to all the teachers and school staff, and students, returning to school this year. And to all the school staff–treat yourself to a little extra coffee, the first weeks always need it! 😜

Sunrise — Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

What is Coffee?

Round 13 of:

What is coffee?

  • acidic
  • aromatic
  • bitter
  • fruity
  • nutty
  • sugary
  • sweet

In other words, depending on the day, the need, the moment, coffee is available in so many flavors and feelings, making it not only wonderfully versatile, but further demonstrating why it’s among the best drinks 🖤

Photo by Najib Kalil on Unsplash

Coffee Lesson #23

coffee grinder:

  • machine used to grind roasted coffee beans
  • device used to grind whole coffee beans for brewing

*Note–grind: reduce, crush, rub together, so as to make into small particles, or a powder

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Coffee Gallery

Okay–it’s a dessert (butterscotch cheesecake & fruit tart) and coffee gallery 😉

Theta Restaurant; Attica, Athens, Greece–dessert & Greek Coffee

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