So you’re in Las Vegas and wondering where to get the best coffee?

There’s really only one response: Mothership.

I will always vote Mothership.

I have other recommendations, but if you can only go to one place, it’s Mothership.


Let’s start with some basics: it’s a bit small and hidden. It’s in a Trader Joe’s parking lot and had a friend not heard of it, and told me to meet them there, I would have continued walking by it as I had done for some time.

LRG_DSC00121 (Edited) (2)

It’s relatively new, I believe it opened about 3 years ago, so it’s quite the find and many locals are still in the throws of discovery. If you ask someone and they don’t say Mothership, they just don’t know, otherwise they would have recommended it.

The plug situation is not great. For those of you interested in typing away, make sure you’re fully charged–seats next to the powerstrip are limited. For those of you who don’t care, this is probably the best place. I actually appreciate that I see more people sitting and actually talking to one another, or reading an actual book, than plugged into a device. It adds to the experience.

Mothership is owned by a local, like someone who actually grew up in Vegas. For those of you who don’t understand the emphasis–no one is ‘from’ Vegas. Vegas is home to transplants from all over the world, so when someone is from Vegas, that’s noteworthy. It’s some place local, owned by a true local and thats makes going here extra special.

Now, on to the shop itself!

Mothership has a small menu for coffee. It’s not about options, it’s about quality. Not to mention there’s always the ability to tailor any drink to your palette. My forever drink: hot almond milk latte.

IMG_5836 (Edited)

I have had the Peruvian pour over, it’s excellent. I had their short-lived lemonade, which was outstanding. I’m actually pretty surprised it didn’t do well. Their hot chocolate is incredible–not overly sweet, just a smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth and travels to your soul.

Locally owned, great coffee, an environment built around the coffee experience, but it doesn’t stop there. Pastries.


The baking is unbelievable. There are sweet and savory options–and vegan options. And everything, literally everything, is delicious.


Recently, they have had these pumpkin pop-tarts that are heaven. The pop-tart breading is just a tad bit crispy around the edges. The filling is creamy–pumpkin joy. The drizzle of chocolate on top offers an added touch of sweetness. It’s flaky and a little messy, but the perfect companion to any coffee drink.

For a year, yes a year, every Sunday, I had a chocolate croissant. Croissant: delicious. Chocolate: delicious. Combining croissant and chocolate? Genius.


As though this weren’t enough, I have never had a bad experience at Mothership. Every barista, on any given day, has been helpful, kind, and ready to explain or offer up something new–should you ask. They know their stuff.

If you’re in Vegas and you want a local gem, it’s Mothership. If you’re driving through Vegas, stop at Mothership. If you live nearby, go now. Whatever the question, the answer is Mothership . . . and if there’s no pumpkin pop-tarts left, I ate them. I apologize in advance.


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    1. I’m going to Phoenix in April! I don’t have recommendations based on experience, I only have a list of places I’ve heard about and will be checking out in the spring: Giant Coffee, Elevate Coffee Company, Cartel Coffee Lab. Let me know if you go or if you find something else! 🙂


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