Back-to-School – 2022

I took a sort of summer break, and then got sick . . . but all better now!

Now, I’m not teaching this year, not on a traditional calendar or in a school like previous years, but I still follow that school calendar. Old habits, what can I say?

So with that back-to-school feeling and vibe all around me, allow me to offer a special shout out to all the teachers and school staff, and students, returning to school this year. And to all the school staff–treat yourself to a little extra coffee, the first weeks always need it! 😜

Sunrise — Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Greek Food Festival

Quick and amazing recommendation.

Make plans now for September 2019!

Every year in September, in Las Vegas, Nevada, St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church hosts a 3-day event: the Greek Food Festival.

LRG_DSC02407 (2)

After 11 years in Las Vegas, I am ashamed that I have only made it to this festival two times. Both times, however, have been extraordinary. It’s not just the shopping, the music, the dancing, or even the food–it’s the coffee!!

Last year I waited for some Greek coffee, which is delicious and it’s own awesome delight. I got to the front of the line and they’re serving Baklava Iced Coffee. Intrigued?

Thank you curiosity because I ordered it, and I absolutely fell in love. I have been to many Greek establishments for meals, and have always kept my eye out for this treat–it’s nowhere else except this festival.


Hot day in Vegas–it’s still summer in September, trust me–means iced coffee cools the soul while still caffeinating the body. Iced coffee is a good choice.

Baklava is a delicious sweet dessert, a layered pastry with nuts and honey. Take that sweetness and mix it into coffee, and a bold rich flavor comes alive.

Once you’re caffeinated you can dance, listen to the music, grab some actual Baklava, shop, and enjoy outstanding homemade Greek food. So start planning now: Vegas, Greek Food Festival, September.

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