Favorite pairings

What are my favorite things to pair with coffee?

  • At home:
    • chocolate chip cookies–homemade (both my mom and I bake regularly), or store-bought chocolate chip cookies from Sprouts
    • peanut butter cookies–homemade only
    • pumpkin bread–made from Trader Joe’s mix
  • At Starbucks: lemon loaf
  • At Mothership: croissant or pumpkin pop-tart (when in season)
  • At Einstein Bros. Bagel: a chocolate chip bagel, toasted, with nothing on it
  • At Bingo: maple bar donut

Those are the first items, and regular venues of coffee, in my life, over the past couple of years, that pop into mind.

What about you? What’s your favorite thing to pair with coffee?

3 Third
Coffee and a Pumpkin Pop-Tart at Mothership in Las Vegas, Nevada

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