Las Vegas, NV, USA: Coffee and Bingo

When I first moved to the Las Vegas area, I only gambled when people were in town. I essentially stuck to The Strip too. At some point though, I ventured into the local casino scene and discovered BINGO.

When I walked by the Bingo Hall, at times, the doors were opened but the place was empty. At other times, it was closed and filled with people. Mostly people far from my age bracket. It was intimidating, but alluring. I just wanted to be able to say I had done it.

So, with some brave friends, I tried it. I haven’t looked back. I’m a Bingo fanatic. I won’t bring trolls, or a fancy dauber bag, but trust me, my love is real.

Bingo is normally about an hour. Sessions are generally odd hours only. Some places have only paper play, others combine electronic and paper play.

In a casino and gambling environment, Bingo is one of the few places where money is guaranteed to last. You pay to play for the full hour; that’s one whole hour you know your money will live. It’s the only time you play until someone wins, that’s pretty positive playing. Although it can be stressful, because you still want to be the winner, but that’s another story.

Finally, Bingo is the cheapest and best deal for gambling fun, or really any paid fun. Only have 5 bucks to spare? No problem, $4 for a blue pack, $1 for a dauber. Go ahead and play.

So what does this have to do with coffee? Well, it’s quite the deal for coffee too, especially spiked coffee.


You’re in Vegas and want to gamble but need some coffee this morning?

Here’s my recommendation: BINGO. Specifically, 9 a.m. Bingo.

See 9 a.m. is special, not only do you get free drinks, you get a free donut. All initial sessions of the day–at Station Casinos and Southpoint for sure–donuts are provided to players.

Sunset Station is my favorite Bingo establishment, it’s the closest to my home and I know the workers now, so it’s extra cozy. I also know a few people at Green Valley Ranch, thanks to its distance to my home as well and a few transplants from Sunset. Nevertheless, wherever you go, you’ll be in good hands. People are helpful with Bingo orders as well as drink orders.

And this, this is where coffee enters. You’ll need an extra couple of bucks for drinks, so bring at least $7 not $5. Yes, they are *free* drinks, however I absolutely support tipping.


Your recommendation for coffee today: Bingo Hall, Sunset Station (any Station Casino technically). Your order: coffee with Baileys and whipped cream. Baileys at 9 a.m.? This is Vegas. Whipped cream adds 100 calories? Well, I might run around after winning Bingo, so I’ll take my chances.

And that my friends is my first coffee find and insight for you. Bring cash (all Bingo halls are cash only businesses), drink, play.


If you’re worried about smoke, head over to Red Rock Station or Green Valley Station, there’s a separate room for smokers and non-smokers, won’t smell a thing.

If you go anywhere else, there are separate sections for smoking and non-smoking. So just sit at the far end of non-smoking like I do.


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