St. George, UT, USA: Affogato

One thing to know about me: I LOVE Utah.

Utah has a near monopoly on all the beautiful land in the United States . . . I think. It literally astounds me how much natural beauty is available in Utah. It’s ridiculous actually.

If you haven’t been to Utah, GO! There are so many active things to do. If you’re not active, there’s so much beautiful land to see.

Main St., St. George: Annie’s Vintage Garden

Go. Now.


St. George, Utah is situated about two hours away from Las Vegas. I heard from locals that it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

When I have driven to the Big 5 (Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Capitol Reef, and Bryce Canyon National Parks), St. George was always a layover. It was nice, small, clean, and a great place to stretch my legs before I continued to a park, or continued home. Recently, I decided to investigate St. George. Surely it had more to offer . . .


When you’re near Zion National Park and Bryce National Park, two of the most visited and famous national parks in the United States, it’s easy for people to miss something smaller.

St. George is home to Snow Canyon State Park. It has a mere $6 entrance fee, it’s an easy 4 mile scenic drive from one end to the other, and it’s quite simply gorgeous.

Snow Canyon Entrance

Snow Canyon offers a variety of trails, as I was recovering from an injury, I stuck to paved and easier trails.

I went at the beginning of March and it was the most perfect weather imaginable. As a hidden gem, there were hardly any people too, so there was a higher level of serenity and peace to enjoy during my visit.

IMG_6587 (2)
Snow Canyon–one of my favorite pictures and views

I loved every moment of Snow Canyon. There were beautiful rocks and budding vegetation. For me, I was stunned to learn about lava tubes on one trail and then end up at a sand dune on another trail. What a mix of life!

Pioneer Names Trail

As an experienced hiker, I had my backpack full of water and snacks to keep my energy up and keep moving from one trail to the next. Eventually though, it was time to stop. As I stated earlier, I was recovering from an injury and didn’t want the excitement to get to me, and I was starting to crave some post-nature fuel.

Sand Dunes

I drove away with a great sense of peace. I loved every moment of Snow Canyon, my love for Utah had somehow grown even more.

And, just when I thought this trip couldn’t get any better, I found Affogato.

Affogato Truck

Affogato is a local gem, just like Snow Canyon.

It’s a coffee truck, so seating is limited, just a few chairs outside. It’s a locally-owned business, a woman’s pride and dream come to life, and a relatively young business, so there’s an added element of beauty and joy in patroning Affogato. I have to say that something small, something uniquely belonging to a town, and a place that is someone’s dream makes the whole experience more worthwhile and special. You are more special and so is the coffee.

When I arrived at Affogato, I spoke with the baristas and received great direction. They had an interesting array of speciality drinks that peaked my interest, and I just couldn’t decide on my own what I should order.

The Feel Love Latte intrigued me because of one ingredient: molasses. I was further intrigued by my milk options–oatly milk?

The woman helping me with my order recommended the Feel Love drink (espresso, moscovato sugar, molasses, milk) based on a few likes and flavors I mentioned enjoying.

I ended up trying two drinks: Feel Love Moscovato Latte and an Americano. I also had a vegan brownie.

The Feel Love was a perfect choice for me. A smooth drink, flavorful but not too sweet. The Americano was good–I drank that on my way back to the hotel. The brownie I saved for dessert later. The brownie was outstanding; it was moist, rich, and I wish I had bought two.

An attempt to capture the magic –that brownie is not shown in its full glory, trust me, it was beautiful and delicious!

Affogato was an outstanding experience. I loved the kind of coffee they offered, it was truly different. I appreciated the staff–they were incredibly friendly and helpful. I liked the idea of a coffee truck, when you’re surrounded by so much beauty, you need to sit outside and enjoy the view.

Go to Utah. It is incredibly beautiful, everyone I have ever encountered has been so kind, and there is truly a tremendous amount of natural beauty everywhere you go.

Start off with St. George, Snow Canyon, and Affogato–trust me, you’re gonna fall in love too.

LRG_DSC00696 (2).JPG
Their story prominently posted in front was wonderful!

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