Coffee Lesson #21

aroma (general meaning):

  • a distinctive scent, usually pleasant

aroma (coffee connotation and meaning):

  • the fragrance of brewed coffee
  • the fragrance given off while coffee is brewing
  • the fragrance coffee grounds emit



Coffee Lesson #19


  • coffee drink, Italian in origin
    • coffee that is often thicker than coffee brewed using other methods of preparation
  • concentrated thick coffee with a layer of dense foam
  • coffee prepared by forcing nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans
  • strong black coffee
    • strong black coffee made by forcing steam through finely ground coffee beans
Espresso from Caffe Greco in Rome, Lazio, Italy

Coffee Lesson #18


  • part of the coffee production process; optional step in coffee production
  • removal of the parchment skin of coffee beans
  • removal of what is left from the fruit of the coffee bean

Coffee Lesson #17

iced coffee:

  • a type of cold beverage made from coffee
  • chilled coffee; not the same as cold brew, not equivalent to or to be confused with cold brew coffee
  • hot coffee made through traditional brewing methods that is cooled down to be served over ice
    • iced coffee, tasty and correct iced coffee, is prepared to be iced coffee, it is not day-old coffee that is then served over ice
    • iced coffee is generally brewed at a higher strength because the ice dilutes the strength when served
  • chilled coffee served over iced, often flavored


Coffee Lesson #16


  • also referred to as caff√© latte (Italian name/word origin)
  • coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk
    • variations of the drink can include replacing standard steamed milk with other types of milk such as soy, almond, cashew, etc.
    • can be served cold–an iced latte is espresso with chilled milk poured over ice
  • considered a morning drink, especially in Italy/Italian culture
LRG_DSC01296 (2)
Hazelnut Latte and a bagel with cream cheese at Sunrise Coffee in Las Vegas, NV

Coffee Lesson #14


  • Italian word for “drowned”
  • coffee-based drink/dessert
    • whether it is listed as a drink or dessert depends on where you are located in the world/where you are ordering
  • scoop of ice cream, usually vanilla ice cream, topped with a shot of espresso
    • variations of coffee and ice cream, flavors and how much, exist throughout the the world
    • liqueur can be added/included as well
Affogato in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia


Coffee Lesson #12

arabica (coffee arabica, Arabian coffee, mountain coffee):

  • an evergreen plant with seeds that produce high-quality coffee
    • plant is native to Ethiopia
    • the name “arabica” comes from historical context: it was eaten in Ethiopia, then traveled to Arabia (present-day Yemen, lower Arabian peninsula) in the 7th century where it was turned into a drink, so it was discovered as a drink in Arabia
  • considered, recorded, and thought to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated
  • arguably the best, most prized, coffee

Coffee Lesson #11

coffee blend:

  • combination of coffees
    • coffee is blended (combined) for culinary and economic purposes
  • process, or art, that mixes coffee in order to complement the flavor of each selection of coffee
  • coffee beans from two or more different locations that are mixed and roasted together

Coffee Lesson #10


  • the little grains left at the bottom of the cup after drinking coffee (or tea)
  • the sediment in a liquid–usually referring to that in wine or coffee

Coffee Lesson #2

black coffee:

  • coffee served without milk or cream
  • coffee served without milk, cream, or sugar

Note: as I researched black coffee, it stunned me that definition #1 was the most prominent. I had always thought #2 was the only definition.

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