Used coffee filters . . .

My grandma is from a time and place where anything and everything had more than one use, one purpose.

With climate change, we are increasingly being encouraged to look at daily habits with a critical lens–how much waste are we producing, how much waste can we prevent, what can be saved, what can be reused.

As a child, I learned repeatedly to: recycle, reuse, reduce.

All of these things have inspired me to re-examine and re-imagine some habits to help the environment. At times these simple and creative solutions have allowed me to save money, not just feel good about my efforts. So with that in mind let me offer some ideas on how I have approached my coffee consumption.

Today’s spotlight: coffee filters.

A coffee filter has been used, now what?

  • Use it again. Dump the grounds and reuse–especially if it’s the same coffee brand and flavor. Filters have a shelf life of several uses, not just one.
  • Save them for craft projects. Let them dry and set them aside for some painting. It’s a cheap canvas, but it works.
  • Line the bottom of your planter pots. It helps keep the water in.
  • Deodorize. Pour out some baking soda on the filter, bundle and seal with a rubber band, place it where it stinks (i.e. shoes).
  • Add the filter and grounds to your compost.

It’s not a comprehensive list but it’s a list to spark your imagination. So much of what we do and use has a much longer shelf life, and more than one purpose. As you think about your daily habit, consider what you can do to help curb any environmental impact–every little bit counts, even something small like a few coffee filters adds up quickly.

October 1, 2019: Announcement

For nearly two years I have enjoyed writing Cups and Comments–it has given me so much: sharing my ideas, comments, and pictures as well as always having a built-in excuse for coffee and pastries is fabulous!

For almost a year, during this same time, I have been working part-time, working contract jobs, or not working, while I travel domestically and internationally. My time away from stable full-time work was rewarding and thrilling, and now coming to an end. I plan to get back to a permanent residence and permanent work, so I will be taking a month hiatus from writing in order to get settled once again.

Enjoy previous posts for now, new posts will be back starting November 6, 2019 🤗

What’s the best . . .

  • What’s the best coffee brand?
  • What’s the best coffee flavor?
  • What’s the best coffee creamer?
  • What’s the best coffee drink?

What’s the best . . .

  • What’s the best time of day for coffee?
  • What’s the best way to make coffee?

Where’s the best . . .

  • Where’s the best place for coffee — near you?
  • Where’s the best place to sip coffee?

What’s the best . . .

  • What’s the best thing to eat with coffee?
  • What’s the best thing to do after coffee?

. . . maybe it depends on your mood . . .

. . . maybe it depends on your week . . .

. . . maybe it depends if you’re on vacation . . . or at work . . . or at home . . .

It’s all debatable, but if it feels like the best to you, then it’s the best if you ask me.



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