Favorite pairings

What are my favorite things to pair with coffee?

  • At home:
    • chocolate chip cookies–homemade (both my mom and I bake regularly), or store-bought chocolate chip cookies from Sprouts
    • peanut butter cookies–homemade only
    • pumpkin bread–made from Trader Joe’s mix
  • At Starbucks: lemon loaf
  • At Mothership: croissant or pumpkin pop-tart (when in season)
  • At Einstein Bros. Bagel: a chocolate chip bagel, toasted, with nothing on it
  • At Bingo: maple bar donut

Those are the first items, and regular venues of coffee, in my life, over the past couple of years, that pop into mind.

What about you? What’s your favorite thing to pair with coffee?

3 Third
Coffee and a Pumpkin Pop-Tart at Mothership in Las Vegas, Nevada

And what will you have today?

There are a lot of coffee drinks out there . . . when you order you could very easily ask for a/an:

  • espresso
  • doppio
  • affogato
  • cortado
  • ristretto
  • cold brew
  • nitro brew
  • americano
  • latte
  • cappuccino
  • mocha

. . . and that’s only the beginning, or the first ones that pop into my head.

Props to baristas–not only can you explain each of these quickly and accurately, you can make them. Props to coffee–you’re so versatile! And props to all you coffee drinkers–you keep coming up with different ways to enjoy coffee. 😊

Keurig v. Coffee Pot?

This is a work-related question:

Which is better for the workplace: the Keurig or the coffee pot?

Benefits of the Keurig:

  • Individual taste preferences more readily available for all
  • Everyone can bring their K-cups and use their own K-cups
  • No clean-up required
  • Depending on the Keurig, there may be options for various serving sizes

Benefits of the coffee pot:

  • More coffee available at one time
  • More people know how to use it–it amazes me how many people need constant direction on a Keurig
  • Arguably less wasteful–I have read and heard that the K-pods are considered wasteful due to their single-use nature
  • Arguably cheaper–think the cost of a big tin of coffee v. a pack of K-pods

This is a simple question that led to an extended discussion and no definitive answer–so I ask, which is better for the workplace: Keurig or traditional coffee pot?


Coffee & Poop: Thanks SEO

I recently took a digital marketing class through eCornell and started learning about SEO: search engine optimization. I had heard the term but through this coursework and some added research I feel like I have a greater grasp of what it is and how it’s used.

In my learning and research, I was directed to Answer the Public to generate quality questions and ideas that not only provide inspiration for posts, but also help me find the right words to promote readership.

Nevermind the technical aspects or purpose or application of new learning. What I discovered was that the keyword “coffee” often leads to, or is connected to, the word “poop.”

I typed “coffee”, 197 questions were generated, the following stood out:

  • Are coffee enemas dangerous?
  • Are coffee enemas safe?
  • Can coffee cause constipation?
  • Will coffee constipate you?
  • Will coffee cause constipation?
  • Will coffee make you poop?
  • Which coffee makes you poop?
  • Why coffee makes me poop?
  • Why coffee enema?
  • Why coffee makes you poop?

That’s 10 poop-related questions. 10 direct references to coffee and bowel movements.

And what-the-hell is a “coffee enema”? Well, I didn’t know, and of course I had to look it up, and now I’m terribly frightened and grossed-out.

My reflections, conclusions, on coffee and a SEO keyword search:

  • Coffee belongs in your mouth. That’s it. I don’t want to hear anymore on this topic.
  • All food and drink consumed will be expelled, that includes coffee. However, it appears coffee and poop are quite closely related and associated with one another. Who knew?
  • Despite it’s clear connection–this will be my only bowel, poop, #2, constipation, etc. related post.

. . . and there you go–thanks SEO, you’re frightening.


Caffeinated Idea

So, there are beer flights–a presentation of small glasses, each glass is filled with a variety of beers to sample.

Wonderful idea. Excellent experience. I highly recommend it.

Now, how does this apply to coffee?

Well, with the advent of so many milks to add to your coffee, what if there were coffee/milk flights?

Caffeinated Idea: Coffee & Milk Flight

  • One type of coffee poured into four glasses.
  • Each of those four glasses has a different milk added.

A coffee & milk flight allows the coffee drinker to sample, taste, comment, and decide which milk goes best with their coffee.

What do you think? Could this work? Could this be a thing?


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