Who’s sitting with me right now?

Coffee shops are more than coffee.

Coffee shops are avenues for personal development, relationship building, professional growth, educational pursuit, personal wellness, healthy living, neighborhood growth, and so much more.

Lately, I have chosen to look up from my screen, my comic book, and/or my journal. I have decided to listen, observe, and imagine what surrounds me. I wrote down what I saw on two separate occasions, and thought of all that I have seen in my experiences here, at this particular local favorite (Sunrise–if you’re interested):

  • a gamer
  • a student
  • a teacher
  • a couple on their first date
  • a couple on their 1000th date
  • someone waiting for a date
  • a group of friends
  • a writer
  • a blogger
  • an entrepreneur
  • a reader or bookworm–yes, with actual books

Coffee provides stimulation.

The coffee shop is a stimulating place.

If we just look up, if we take a moment to enjoy our surroundings we can all appreciate the amount of talent, potential, and love that comes alive in these very special spaces.

Go ahead, take a moment, and imagine the story behind the patrons around you.

Things the barista knows . . .

A list of things the barista knows that most of my co-workers at the office do not know:

  • my morning coffee preference
  • my pre-coffee face
  • my name
  • how to spell my name
  • that I smile

What goes with coffee?

Yesterday I gave a sweeping response to: What goes with coffee?

I realize that maybe not everything would be completely compatible with the taste of coffee. Maybe.

So allow me to list the very best pairings I have found . . .

What goes best with coffee?

I drink my coffee black at home. I like my coffee strong and dark. However, I have a sweet tooth. So my most prized pairings with coffee include:

  • cookies
  • croissants
  • ice cream
  • cake
  • pie
  • coffee cakes
  • sweet breads

Coffee is a drink that people often consume in communal spaces–think the coffeeshop. Therefore, the best things that go with coffee in these situations are:

  • good company
  • great conversation

Now, I stand by my initial response that given the versatility of coffee it has the capacity to go with anything. It can be enjoyed in practically any situation. However, there are certain times, moments, foods, and people that make it all the more beautiful.

How shall I drink my coffee?

I came across this article and question: Would You Drink Coffee Out of an Ice Cream Cone?

First of all, why is this a question? Coffee = amazing. Ice cream cone = amazing.

Therefore: coffee IN ice cream cone = DOUBLY amazing. Logical–truly the only conclusion.

But if you need more. Then I ask: why not? If a new way to enjoy coffee, a new added feature, a new way to make it, or a new way to bring out flavor is possible, it is actually required to partake–in my world at least.

So, would I drink coffee out of an ice cream cone? Yes. Of course!

What about you?


Caffeinated Idea

I recently had quite of bit of dental work — five teeth were involved and three sick days.

In this time, as I texted and tweeted, I realized there was no toothache emoji.

Therefore, my caffeinated idea: an emoji that has a toothache–swollen cheek, sad face, maybe a tear.

Someone get on this.


Minneapolis, MN: Prelude

I recently made an unexpected, daring, trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I had heard things over the years about Minnesota and Minneapolis in particular. For me, it was a place I wanted to see, but not at the top of my list. It was a place that I would avoid at all costs during the winter–me and cold are not a good mix. It seemed nice, but just not exceptionally enticing.

Then life gave me a reason, a desire, and a sense of adventure. I bought a ticket with little planning–very unlike me–and I went for it. I took a chance.

I admit I went for romance. I went to see more of a person and maybe a little less of the city.

Life is kinda funny in this way. I didn’t get romance but I did renew my love of coffee. I ending up see less of the person and more of the city.

I discovered more than just coffee, I discovered a genuine love and appreciation for a city–a city I can’t wait to go back and visit!

And that’s how life goes sometimes. You make a decision thinking it’s all about one thing and end up with something better, something you hadn’t intended for yourself. You thought you would get ABC and it turns out the universe sent you for XYZ.

Over a long weekend, I spent one day realizing my situation needed to change. So, I changed it. Then, as a reward, I got two and a half days to do what I do best: finding art, being a tourist, walking around town, enjoying the unknown, and, of course, finding great coffee.

Stay tuned my friends! Minnesota isn’t just home to 10,000 lakes, Prince, and Target–it’s also home to great coffee!


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