What is Coffee?

What is coffee?

I’ve tried humorous, alliterative, repetitive phrasing, positive affirmations, with this one . . . what’s left? What other angle or answers are out there?

Coffee is . . .

  • fashionable
  • in vogue
  • mainstream
  • popular
  • trendy

Yes, for better or worse, coffee has become a staple drink. Ubiquitous. Universally known and accepted.

A thing with more than acceptance, it has [in some places and spaces] quite the cult-following. I tend not to worry about its popularity though–whether that is the pressure to drink it or the pressure to drink it in a specific way. It’s been in existence for far too long to be anything but timeless and beyond any sort of passing fad, and in this way I will continue to enjoy it, and enjoy it according to whatever my mood and needs are . . .

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  1. Well said. I have been reading a lot of coffee history for my next novel and find the “coffee waves’ a bit odd. Coffee has been a global beverage for hundreds of years. It was an ocean before it made waves…Thanks!

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