Keurig v. Coffee Pot?

This is a work-related question:

Which is better for the workplace: the Keurig or the coffee pot?

Benefits of the Keurig:

  • Individual taste preferences more readily available for all
  • Everyone can bring their K-cups and use their own K-cups
  • No clean-up required
  • Depending on the Keurig, there may be options for various serving sizes

Benefits of the coffee pot:

  • More coffee available at one time
  • More people know how to use it–it amazes me how many people need constant direction on a Keurig
  • Arguably less wasteful–I have read and heard that the K-pods are considered wasteful due to their single-use nature
  • Arguably cheaper–think the cost of a big tin of coffee v. a pack of K-pods

This is a simple question that led to an extended discussion and no definitive answer–so I ask, which is better for the workplace: Keurig or traditional coffee pot?


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