Boulder City, NV, USA: CRCR

CRCR: Colorado River Coffee Roasters

Boulder City is about 45 minutes from The Strip in Las Vegas. It is located near the Arizona/ Nevada border.

When I think of Boulder City, I think ‘under the radar.’ It’s very easy to look over it or to drive by, drive over the Hoover Dam, and keep going. I’m here to say: don’t. Don’t let it slip under your radar.

First, consider what they tell you on the sign: Home of the Hoover Dam. So go see it. Marvel at construction, technology, and a bit of U.S. history.

LRG_DSC00036 (2).jpeg
View from Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Now you’ve seen the Hoover Dam. Well, the Hoover Dam is home to Lake Mead National Park. I’m a HUGE fan and advocate of national parks–they are American treasures, which now more than ever, deserve to be admired. People come from all over the world to admire our parks–you should too.

LRG_DSC00031 (2)
Lake Mead from a viewpoint before reaching the Hoover Dam

Now, there’s lots to do. So, enjoy the lake. Walk through the Historic Railroad Trail. Take a hike. Love nature.

Lake Mead

Not outdoorsy? Not really a nature person? Drive around it. There are dirt roads and paved roads to take great photos. In fact, I took a dirt road with a friend and saw a donkey. A real-life donkey, just in its element.

IMG_4698 (2)
Just a donkey, watching me drive by . . .

Ok, at this point you’re thinking a day with man-made and natural beauty sounds fabulous, but I think I need some coffee to make this day better.

Well, I have an answer.

CRCR: Mmmmm!

Colorado River Coffee Roasters is a small venue for coffee education and purchase. It is not a coffee shop. It’s a place to learn and taste, and buy.

CRCR roasts Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. During this time you can watch the process and talk to the owners.

It’s a family-owned business. I went twice: once on a non-roasting day and once on a roasting day. Go on a roasting day, the smell is incredible! Not to mention, you get to see the action!

LRG_DSC00194 (2)
Roasted coffee beans–it’s glorious!

The people are super-friendly, ready to show you around, and eager to share about their coffee and its origins. They’ll offer an espresso, or some coffee they have brewed for the day. Correct answer to a sample: yes, please.

It’s a small operation, and again it’s not a coffee shop. I visited for about 10-20 minutes. I took pictures, talked coffee, and purchased some beans. I loved it. It was a great way to sample some coffee, see the roasting process in action, and talk with people who are genuinely and fully passionate about coffee–my kind of people.

So, before or after Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, before perhaps some antique shopping even (Boulder City is great for this too), stop by Colorado River Coffee Roasters.

Tour, learn, taste, and buy.

LRG_DSC00221 (2).jpeg
When I left CRCR I turned onto the main highway and saw Desert Bighorn Sheep. Fresh coffee, Lake Mead National Park, the Hoover Dam, antique shops, and the sight of Nevada’s state animal–Boulder City is amazing!




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