How much caffeine?

So I recently found this in a Google search: The Coffee Chain Flat White that Contains More Caffeine than Three Red Bulls.

There are moments in life when something pops up in your results, or your feed, and you have to make a decision–Do I really want to know? Should I click?

Well, I clicked on it.

Short answer: Costa Coffee.

Immediate reaction: Thank goodness I don’t have any near me, and I actually have never been. Now I know.

Next thought: Should I look up my caffeine intake?

I normally have my coffee in the morning; as stated in the article, caffeine intake should be monitored for the purposes of sleep. My caffeine will have left my system by bedtime if I just drink it in the morning.

I don’t drink energy drinks, tea, or soda. I normally have one big cup of coffee at home, or a fancy drink somewhere else. I’m really not ingesting caffeine outside of coffee.

I’m going to go ahead and keep my fingers crossed that my caffeine intake is a healthy dosage. However, if I ever make it to Costa, I’m definitely skipping their flat white!! Unless, I need it. 😉 😂

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