Rome, Lazio, Italy: Antico Caffé Greco

You’re in Italy, where do you go for coffee?

Technically the answer is anywhere. It’s Italy. It’s known for its coffee. However, if you’re in Rome, there’s one must-see: Antico Caffé Greco.

Established in 1760, located on Via Condotti, a high-end shopping haven, Caffé Greco is the oldest coffee bar in Rome. Whereas all its neighbors are selling modern fashion trends, Caffé Greco stands out for its longevity and traditional landscape.

It’s near the Spanish Steps, so if you’ve been climbing those steps, or climbing the hill to get to that area, or simply need fuel to be able to browse all the famous designer shops, it’s the place to make a stop.


Need more reasons to go?

It’s the oldest bar in Rome, but it’s also famous as the second oldest coffee bar in Italy. It’s a historical landmark. So go and taste a bit of history.


It’s spacious, clean, and serves not just delicious coffee, but delicious treats. There’s plenty of room at the counter, and a lot of places to sit–in a city filled with cafes where there’s often just a counter, a seat is a welcome treat. Furthermore, it’s impeccably clean, even the bathrooms are golden–literally, it’s got gold trim decor. Rome has a bit of a cleanliness problem, and it’s hard to find a bathroom, so Caffé Greco definitely feels like a treasure in this department.

And, of course, there’s coffee and treats.

There’s a counter to order coffee, and any pastry on display. Order, pay, show your receipt to the barista. Enjoy it standing up, and walk away. If you want the added experience, the seated experience, be advised that seating is delightful, but makes everything more expensive. It’s up to you: if you want to just check it off your list of things to do, the counter is great. If you want to get the fuller experience, have a seat. Whatever you do, just make sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Bon appetit! 😉



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