Italian Prelude

Get ready people!

I’m going to Italy!


In 2005 I studied abroad in Rome, Italy, and it was amazing. It was my first time to Europe, and I got to live there.

I studied art, architecture, religion, and Italian. I went to an opera, I took a wine tasting class, I sipped on espresso. I had the time of my life. I have nothing but fond memories of this experience. 13 years later, I’m headed back.

At the end of October I will be in Rome for 5 days, then I will take a train north. In Rome, I will be alone to explore and revisit this beautiful historical and cultural hub. In the north, I will be staying with a family through a culture/work exchange discovered and arranged through WorkAway.

I’m thrilled to study everything all over again, to maybe have the time of my life, again, and, of course, add to my burgeoning coffee knowledge-base. 😉 ☕

Italy is a coffee giant. Italy has its own coffee culture, and it shapes coffee culture as we know it–get ready for a whole new level of learning and sharing; I’m ready, are you?

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