But what about this place?

Let’s be clear:

There are a plethora of options for coffee. Everywhere. Anywhere. There is no shortage of options.

There is great coffee being served in many of these places. Forget the places with bad coffee, or mediocre coffee. I do not care about those places. I need not comment on where they are or who they are–they/we know who they are.

Now, the places serving great coffee. The coffee may taste great, but it may be served with a bad attitude.

I have worked in public relations as a tour guide. I have worked in retail. I have worked as an educator. Relationships are everything. Attitude is everything. Delivery is everything.

A few people have suggested places and I have actually been to some of these locations. Recently someone said what about _____, they have great coffee. I responded in the affirmative, they do have great coffee, but each time I have gone to that place the servers have been rude. Interestingly, this same person responded with: I know! This led to a long conversation on the importance of service.

I try my hardest not to be negative. I try my damndest to consider alternatives. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and a second chance.

Here, on Cups and Comments, I only want to talk about the great places–the great places all-around. We all have bad days, but if I come back, if I come back multiple times because the coffee is indeed good, and I’m still treated poorly, or spoken down to, or brushed aside, I will not put you here. People need to feel safe and happy while they drink coffee, otherwise it’s way too bitter and nobody likes that.

So what about _____ or _____ or _____? But what about _____? Well I’ll try it; in fact, I’ll want to try it a few times if I have the opportunity. But it has to be a great experience all-around, an overall wonderful place to savor coffee, in order to make it on this forum.

Bring the suggestions, I will always go! But know that I take this seriously–so just because I try it, does not mean I will recommend it. All recommendations come from the heart, from a great coffee experience, from an outstanding overall experience, always.

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