What goes with coffee?

Yesterday I gave a sweeping response to: What goes with coffee?

I realize that maybe not everything would be completely compatible with the taste of coffee. Maybe.

So allow me to list the very best pairings I have found . . .

What goes best with coffee?

I drink my coffee black at home. I like my coffee strong and dark. However, I have a sweet tooth. So my most prized pairings with coffee include:

  • cookies
  • croissants
  • ice cream
  • cake
  • pie
  • coffee cakes
  • sweet breads

Coffee is a drink that people often consume in communal spaces–think the coffeeshop. Therefore, the best things that go with coffee in these situations are:

  • good company
  • great conversation

Now, I stand by my initial response that given the versatility of coffee it has the capacity to go with anything. It can be enjoyed in practically any situation. However, there are certain times, moments, foods, and people that make it all the more beautiful.

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