What can you do with coffee grounds?

Thanks to Netflix and a job that required some research on food waste, I have enlivened my inner environmentalist and found a new appreciation for all foods. Even coffee, which I truly love dearly, has found a new element of love and adoration.

I have discovered that leftover coffee grounds can be dried and then used:

  • as insect repellent
  • as a skin exfoliant
  • as a compost enhancer

I have discovered recipes for candles, soap, and other household items.

I am ashamed to admit that up until about two months ago I threw out my coffee grounds. I put them in the coffeemaker, drank my coffee, and then dumped them in the trash or down the drain. Terrible! Irresponsible! Heinous!

As I continue to learn, and research, and grow as a coffee enthusiast, I think it’s important to consider the possibilities.

Coffee can be so much more than a drink. If we can help ourselves to more than a cup, and help the environment on the way, let’s do it!





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