What do you mean by “coffee shop”?

When I refer to a “coffee shop,” I have a specific image and understanding.

For me, a coffee shop:

  • serves coffee (duh!)
  • serves breakfast items, specifically small items like pastries, cookies, croissants, and/or bagels
  • exudes coffee–as its main item served, I immediately see coffee, smell coffee, and hear the sounds of coffee

For me, a coffee shop is NOT:

  • serving a wide variety of drinks–it may have tea or chai or lemonade, but the overwhelming focus is coffee
  • serving meals–it may have a couple of food items, but there is no waiter/waitress taking my order

I have recently received a slew of recommendations for great coffee and future coffee shop posts. I will definitely try them, I can’t resist a good cup of coffee. I will consider all visits a possible post item too.

However, for the most part, when I research or consider coffee shops to travel to, partake, and share with you, I have a very specific set of criteria that I keep in mind and prioritize for my ventures.

Now you know my focus, but perhaps I should expand my definition. So, I ask: what do you define as a “coffee shop”?


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