Real cups please…

Maybe it’s the Californian in me, one of the stereotypes I actually fall into, but I like coffee shops with real cups.

If I’m getting something to go, of course I will take that cardboard and plastic combination cup. But if I’m not, if I’m staying here to sip my coffee and enjoy my surroundings, I want a real cup.

I know some establishments, usually chain businesses, allow you to fill a thermos. That can get tricky as it’s usually their thermos that you have to bring in. Environment-wise though, I support the practice. I’ll buy your damn thermos. Whatever I can do to avoid the single-use cup.


Back to real cups.

I’m sure dishes are more labor-intensive. I know they require water to be washed, water that is becoming ever more precious. Nevertheless, in my heart, I feel passionately that real dishes are the more environmentally-sound option. The sight of coffee in an actual mug makes my heart swell, and my love for those serving it increase exponentially.

Environment aside, real cups feel cozier. I don’t just come for the coffee, I come for the feeling. I want a heavy mug in my hand. I want to feel the smooth warmth of a glass mug. It seems silly, maybe snobbish, but I have to admit it—I like real cups, and if you’re serving them, I like you more.


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