Coffee Lesson #12

arabica (coffee arabica, Arabian coffee, mountain coffee):

  • an evergreen plant with seeds that produce high-quality coffee
    • plant is native to Ethiopia
    • the name “arabica” comes from historical context: it was eaten in Ethiopia, then traveled to Arabia (present-day Yemen, lower Arabian peninsula) in the 7th century where it was turned into a drink, so it was discovered as a drink in Arabia
  • considered, recorded, and thought to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated
  • arguably the best, most prized, coffee

Coffee Lesson #1

I am not a coffee expert. I am a coffee enthusiast. However, in order to write well, improve my writing, for this blog in particular, I am duty-bound to learn more about the particulars of coffee. Therefore, I present my first coffee terminology lesson:

green beans: coffee beans that have not been roasted

LRG_DSC00478 (2)
Unroasted beans at Artís Coffee Roasters in Berkeley, California


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