Coffee Humor

“Why, yes, I could start my day without coffee. But I like being able to remember things like how to say words and put on pants.”

–Nanea Hoffman

What is coffee?

Okay we’re entering double-digit responses on this one . . . by now I’m sure you’re well aware of my desire to answer this question from multiple angles.

So, “What is coffee?”

Well, *supposedly*, from a variety of conversations, articles, news stories, etc.

Coffee is . . .

  • an aphrodisiac (saucy!)
  • addictive (well, did you see the first point?)
  • a diuretic (that might be a problem . . .)
  • stimulating your bowels (well, this is a problem, and how can it do that and be an aphrodisiac? šŸ¤”)
  • a carcinogenic ( . . . and this is what happens with the internet, I went from being sexy to dying)

Coffee Humor

Love the playfulness . . . definitely made me smile šŸ˜„

Taken in Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Coffee Humor

Ā ā€œI never said I liked coffee better than sex.

I said Iā€™d had it more.ā€

Kevin Sinnott




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