Minneapolis, MN: Prelude

I recently made an unexpected, daring, trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I had heard things over the years about Minnesota and Minneapolis in particular. For me, it was a place I wanted to see, but not at the top of my list. It was a place that I would avoid at all costs during the winter–me and cold are not a good mix. It seemed nice, but just not exceptionally enticing.

Then life gave me a reason, a desire, and a sense of adventure. I bought a ticket with little planning–very unlike me–and I went for it. I took a chance.

I admit I went for romance. I went to see more of a person and maybe a little less of the city.

Life is kinda funny in this way. I didn’t get romance but I did renew my love of coffee. I ending up see less of the person and more of the city.

I discovered more than just coffee, I discovered a genuine love and appreciation for a city–a city I can’t wait to go back and visit!

And that’s how life goes sometimes. You make a decision thinking it’s all about one thing and end up with something better, something you hadn’t intended for yourself. You thought you would get ABC and it turns out the universe sent you for XYZ.

Over a long weekend, I spent one day realizing my situation needed to change. So, I changed it. Then, as a reward, I got two and a half days to do what I do best: finding art, being a tourist, walking around town, enjoying the unknown, and, of course, finding great coffee.

Stay tuned my friends! Minnesota isn’t just home to 10,000 lakes, Prince, and Target–it’s also home to great coffee!


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