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Even on vacation, I took some time in the morning to take it easy.

I bought a few items and enjoyed a long morning. I wrote and listened to French news in the background. It seems simple, and maybe a little boring, but it was perfection. A little quiet time, a little work time, before I set out to explore once again . . .

Parisian morning
Hotel morning in France (@Golden Tulip CDG)

Coffee Gallery

My last day in Paris, I was at CDG airport, and I was lucky to find the fève; as a result, I was treated to an added pastry with my coffee. It felt like the ultimate end to a glorious 3-months of travel, and of course a perfect ending in my favorite city in all my travels:


CDG coffee
The fève and my added pastry–a pastry fit for a Queen

Coffee Gallery

It’s fun to find new things when you’re traveling/abroad, other times it’s fun to see things that you recognize, things that you know, but are just a tad bit different.

Like the following:

French Starbucks
Paris, France

French and Swiss Prelude

Ciao tutti!

After nearly 6 weeks in Italy, I’m preparing to leave this beautiful place, and see some more beautiful places!

I have a scheduled trip to Paris, France and Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks to friends, superb deals, and seizing opportunities, I am thrilled to be able to explore, hunt, search, and discover more places to enjoy and share with you.

I can state with certainty and pride that I am going global.

Be on the lookout for great pictures on Instagram, and *fingers crossed* great discoveries in each of these places!


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